What makes an excellent teacher

Personality Traits Usually, the three most important personality traits are flexibility, a caring attitude, and a sense of humor. Great teachers are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. Unless they are actively using the concepts you are teaching, most students will remember only a small fraction of what you teach.

English teachers do their best in implementing techniques in the classroom to help our nation's children reach their learning potential. Children are now so techno-savvy that they are learning all day every day as long as there is a power cord or a battery or Wi-Fi. The pupils should be joyful in the class.

Is passionate about the content they teach. Variety is the key. A good casual teacher is willing to teach different ages and different subjects.

They reflect often and consider how they can make their instruction better for the whole classroom. Caring and sharing nature will help the teacher to know the children better. Practice balanced with theory. He must have Moral character and honesty. Compassion Talented teachers are able to work with students with varying levels of maturity and knowledge.

Let's all be teachers, shall we. Think about the role body language can play. They must be able to relate and communicate with parents, administrators, and kids. These are the salient qualities of excellent teachers.

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What makes a great teacher?

Do we have great teachers in our schools. Students experience emotional ups and downs, and insightful teachers are able to sense the changes and respond to them appropriately.

Planning Teachers must have plans and stick to them.

What makes a good supply teacher?

A good teacher encourages cooperation and sets an example with other students and faculty. He needed a great deal of one-to-one attention and he was lost in the regular school year.

Children love and like the teachers more in whom they can confide. This provides a helpful complement not replacement to instructor feedback. Give students time to process information and answer questions. A good teacher still remains a human being like you and me so that it is obvious that the qualities listed above are useful to keep in mind to be or become a good teacher, but they are only few of the qualities teachers need to "survive" in their everyday life.

A good teacher takes cognisance of the fact that they are role models for children remembering that we teach more by what we do than by what we say. He learned quickly at BAA that this is not our way. The teacher is consistent in grading and returns work in a timely manner.

Context Every subject has a context, and teachers are responsible for providing it to their students. Thomas Tschirner, Kiel, Germany In brief, a teacher needs self-confidence and knowledge about her subject sbut the most important thing is that a teacher has to enjoy what she does.

They also need to be engaged, psychologically committed to their profession. You promised you would try until you finished. The key is to see yourself as a valuable part of every school that you work in — remember, you can make a positive impact in the life of a child and a school in just one day of casual teaching.

The teacher skillfully builds upon what he or she already knows so that students are consistently challenged and deeply engaged.

I want to write well-thought-out pieces and engage in thoughtful and reasoned criticism — not conversation. An excellent school administrator will be able to exhibit characteristics that include planning ahead, having responsibility for the students and teachers and being involved in the daily activities of the school or school district.

A successful administrator will be able to effectively be involved. Apr 06,  · Looking for a tutorial on How To Be An Excellent Teacher? This practical tutorial explains accurately how it's done, and will help you get good. Description: What makes an Excellent Teacher?

I have been asked on a number of occasions to talk on the theme of “What makes an excellent teacher?” In his blog of 24 th April, George Couros describes from the perspective of secondary school education what he believes makes a master teacher. The teacher does most of the talking, and the students do little listening.

There is little, if any, evidence of structured routines and procedures. You now have a blueprint for what an effective teacher ’s classroom looks like. Try it on for size, and get your teaching organized. Management is the key to success. Just do it, and be at.

Nov 08,  · 5 Great Teachers On What Makes A Great Teacher: NPR Ed was a NPR blog that ran from to We've been to school. We know how education works. Right? In fact, many aspects of learning.

The Heart of Teaching: What It Means to Be a Great Teacher.

Good vs. Great — What Makes the Difference?

My favourite saying is “kindness makes the world go around”. It truly changes the environment in the classroom and school. Being a kind teacher helps students feel welcomed, cared for and loved. Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week.

What makes an excellent teacher
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